Aztec Treasures Slots

Aztec Treasures Slots
Do you enjoy searching for hidden treasure? Play Aztec Treasures Slots and you can pretend to search for buried treasure left by the Aztecs. This US-friendly, 3-D game will thrill players who would like to increase their online earnings. Read more below to help you get started playing BetSoft’s Aztec Treasures.

Aztec Treasures Slots Game Facts

Aztec Treasures is a 30-line slots game in which you obtain all of the gems left behind by the Aztecs. It is a 5-reel non-progressive game, and is suitable for players of all skill levels.

The symbols on this slots game consists of the Leopard, Colored Gems, Love Hut, Aztec King, Aztec Ladies, Golden Bowl, Aztec Calendar, Gecko and the Pyramid. The Spear is the game’s wild symbol and it is thrown by the Aztec King. When it lands on a symbol, it can turn this symbol into Wild automatically. The Gecko is the scatter symbol, and the Spear cannot be substituted for this during a scatter.

Bonus Games and Features

Aztec Treasures Slots game does have a bonus games and features, but with no multiplier. A bonus game is initiated when players receive at least three Gecko symbols on any payline. These three Gecko symbols will result in players receiving free bonus spins. Even if someone receives additional Gecko symbols during the free spins, more free games can be obtained later.

Another second screen bonus feature included in Aztec Treasures is initiated by the Colored Gem symbol. These gems are collected from the fifth reel. A player does not have collect all the gems during a single spin, as this slots game will keep track of how many are gems have been collected. After players collect three gems of red, yellow and blue, a bonus game will start.

The Aztec Calendar is quick bonus game that occurs when three Aztec calendars appear in one payline. Players just pick one of the calendars and are instantly awarded credits. Don’t ignore this bonus game, as a player can win up to 20,000 credits.

Another exciting bonus feature is the Kiss Me Wild Reel. This is triggered when a payline has an Aztec King between two Aztec Ladies. However, the bonus game only occurs when this happens on the first three reels or on the three middle reels. Players will receive a wild reel and even more chances to win.

The Love Hut bonus game is the easiest bonus feature to trigger, and the most fun. Once players receive at least three Love Hut symbols on a payline, the Aztec King and Ladies will enter the Love Hut. Some players can receive over 1,000 credits by entering the Love Hut bonus game.

As this is nonprogressive, the maximum game jackpot a player can win on this game is $7,500 cash or 1,500 coins.

Play Aztec Treasures Now

Play Aztec Treasures now and discover a world of wildcard wins and free spins. This is your open invitation to try your luck at a 3-D video slots game that offers different ways to win and numerous bonus features. The more you play, the better your chances of winning!