Gladiator Slots

Gladiator Slots (Betsoft)

Gladiator Slots is brought to us by the thriving software company BetSoft US and is a 5 reel, non progressive 30 pay line slot machine. This slot features 3D graphics, a maximum jackpot of $2,000 and different types of symbols to keep the game interesting every spin. The minimum bet is $0.02 and the maximum bet in this game is $1.00 per line. Now if you choose to bet the maximum it is a $150.00 spin which can result in some really big payouts. The maximum coin jackpot is 2,000 but there is also a maximum cash jackpot of $2,000. Play Gladiator Slots now to bring home some real cash.

Two amazing Wild symbol bonuses

Now there is two very important wild symbols in Gladiator Slots and they are princess and the Hero Gladiator but they must appear on a certain reel for the wild function to activate.

WILD Features: The x2 Wild feature is triggered when a princess appears on the 1st position of any reel. An animation then shows her throwing rose pedals down onto symbols and if any of those symbols are a winning sequence that combination receives x2 bonus. Another wild feature is the Gladiator SMASH WILD REEL Feature an is triggered whenever the Hero Gladiator symbol appears on the 3rd real which is the center real. Another animation is activated and the gladiator smashes through a slab or marble thus transforming the entire reel into a wild reel.

The Click Me Bonus game featuring instant cash

One of the best features in this game is the Click Me bonus. You active this when three or more of the door symbols appear across any active pay line. To play this bonus feature simply keep clicking these symbols which will reveal cash prizes instantly but when you click the symbol and COLLECT appears its game over and back to normal game play.

The PREPARE FOR BATTLE BONUS FEATURE is another great animated feature

Now when playing Gladiator Slots this is really the bonus feature you truly want to get, with that being said it obviously is not that easy to get. You will have to have the following symbols appear from left to right on pay lines one, two or three and also on the second, third, or fourth reel. The symbols are as follows; Hero, Coliseum, and Villain. Now I know that activating this bonus sounds a bit complicated to always watch for and truly it is but it is something you just hope to trigger.

When activated you must select a gladiator and watch them fight. You receive bonus credits for every attack made and every block made. All you have to do is sit down, relax and watch the two gladiators fight it out. One of the best parts is the fact that it can be re-triggered.

Gladiator Slots is a game that draws the player into it and keeps the player on the edge of their seat because there is no just sitting around watching the reels spin in this game there is obviously a lot of game play and features that keep the game exciting. With amazing graphics and excellent game play do not miss out, play Gladiator Slots now!