A Night in Paris Slots

A Night in Paris Slots
Paris has always been a city rich in art and history. Anyone who has always wanted to visit Paris, now have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the cultural sights of this romantic city. BetSoft’s “A Night in Paris” slots game is the ideal way to escape to the French capital. It is free slots game that is friendly to players from the USA. Play A Night in Paris Slots game and not only fall in love with Paris, but also use your skills to help solve a crime. Play this 3D game online and read more below to get started on the fun.

A Night In Paris Game Facts

As a 5-reel non-progressive, A Night in Paris slots game will increase the element of excitement for all beginner to advanced players. It is a 30-line slots game where players can bid up to $150 as a maximum bet. Players pretend they are traveling down a dimly lit street in Paris, where anything can happen.

The game is based around a crime scene and it does have its French stereotypes. The main story is that the thief Jacques would like to steal artwork from a museum being guarded by Jerome, the security guard and his dog, Pierre. You will enjoy winning even more, as every win causes the 3D images to become animated on the screen.

The symbols to match in this slots game consist of the Dog, Thief, Dove, Police Badge, Eiffel Tower, Security Guard, French Kissing Couple, Painting, Croissant and Venus de Milo.

Bonus Games

A Night In Paris does have offer instant prizes and generous bonus games. Players can pretend to chase the thief Jacques during the “Chase Free Spins” bonus game. This is triggered after a player obtains three police badges. The number of free spins prize is awarded randomly.

There is also an Instant Bonus game. This bonus feature starts when players has a payline with a Police Badge symbol between a Thief and Security Guard symbol, even in reverse order. The player will then receive a bonus prize.

Some of the most fun casino players can have with a game occurs during the “Caught in the Museum” bonus round. The prize amount awarded is random, and is obtained after receiving three or more Painting symbols. The maximum a jackpot winner can receive after winning this slots game is $3,500.

Play A Night In Paris Now

Start playing! We invite you to play A Night in Paris slots game now and test how lucky you are. View the cultural icons of the city that gave the world some of the best art, music and food, while you try to stop a criminal!