Lucky 7 Slots

Lucky 7 Slots
Feel like playing a game of slots but you have to run out? Well, now you can take them with you. That’s right! The classic 3 reels slots game from Betsoft with one payline comes to you on a bright and colorful mobile application that is exactly like the web based game; but this fits right on your hand. Soon as you download the app onto your smart phone and start it up you’ll see the stunning three-reel game just as you know it.

  • When you first load the game it will ask you if you want the audio enabled, so go ahead make your selection. The bold three reels take up a lot of the screen with the classic symbols on them: Cherries, 7’s, Lucky 7’s with Stars, Single Bars, Double Bars and Triple Bars. Even the musical sound effects come complete on this game.
  • The graphics are amazing on this mobile app with a vivid purple background, big Lucky 7 logo at the top with stars, and a graphic on top that says, “Pays Up to 5,000 coins”.
  • On the bottom of the screen there is your balance amount, credits, bet amount, and the win amount. On the far right of the screen is the Game Setting and Home buttons.
  • The Spin button is just on the right of the screen and disappears once you hit it so you can watch the reels spin unobstructed.

The Lucky 7 Game Setting screen sets up your playing preferences.

When you hit the Game Settings button it will take you to another screen where you get to select all the options for the game. At the top is the row of buttons starting with: Bet, Autoplay, Audio, Paytable, and History. The Bet Settings area consists of the betting amount you want to select and the number of bet credits.

  • Below that you can select the coin denominations that you want starting at: 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50, and 1.00. The default bet on the game is 0.10 and one bet per line with a maximum of three coins.
  • You will truly enjoy the simplicity of this classic three-reel game that you can take with you on the go.
  • All you have to do is load the app on to your phone and the game will do the rest.
  • Just start playing and go for that big win of 5,000 coins wherever you are.
  • This slots mobile app from Betsoft is sure to please any slots enthusiast who wants to play anywhere and anytime they want too and win big.